Is Decision-Making Sport’s ‘Holy Grail’?




September 12, 2017

Is decision-making sport’s ‘Holy Grail’?

Niall SeewangESPN Associate Editor Close Niall is an award-winning journalist who discovered from an early age he had more to offer watching and writing about sport than playing it. He joined ESPN Australia/New Zealand after a four-year stint at AFL Media having previously worked as a sports journalist at newspapers in Albury, Melbourne and Hobart.

How a Cycling Team Turned the Falcons Into NFC Champions

Matt Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons superstar quarterback and reigning MVP, has earned comparisons to the sport’s elite. He showed a Tom Brady-esque ability to spread the ball around last year, and his career yards per attempt is tied with Brady and Drew Brees. But Atlanta’s general manager sees a different comparison.

Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly Tries Something New After Concussion Ended Season

The star linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, Luke Kuechly, missed the last five games of the 2016 NFL season after he suffered a concussion. So this season, he’s trying on something new: the Q-Collar, an experimental product developed by Q30 Innovations that has been studied and shown to decrease the risk of brain injury, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Mizuno Introduces Smart Baseball With Internal Pitch-Tracking Tech

Mizuno, a leading Japanese sporting goods supplier, recently unveiled a smart baseball embedded with built-in sensors to provide velocity, spin rate and rotation axis of pitches that will be available for purchase in 2018.

A Review of Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle Mention the name, Frans Bosch, and expect a very wide-ranging set of responses from coaches, therapists, and sport scientists. I have been skeptical of the application of Bosch’s ideas and theories for over a decade now, and so decided to review his latest book, Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach, in detail.

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