Interview: Chris Marinak, EVP Strategy, Technology, And Innovation At MLB


March 27, 2018

Chris Marinak, EVP Strategy, Technology, And Innovation At MLB

On this episode of the SportTechie Podcas t with Bram Weinstein, Chris Marinak, EVP Strategy, Technology, And Innovation At MLB discusses the vast amounts of data Statcast collects, instant replay, sign stealing, in-dugout video, wearable tech and much more. You can subscribe to the SportTechie Podcast by visiting, TuneIn, iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

How strength coaches can get in front of changes coming to the industry

Kent State freshman offensive tackle Tyler Heintz passed away in June, just two days after reporting for summer conditioning. The preliminary cause of death according to the coroner’s office that examined Heitz’s body was hypothermia. According to an open records request from CBS Sports, the head strength coach in charge of the workout, Ross Bowsher, …

Practical Jump Testing With Contact Mats

Jump testing, when done correctly, can provide useful data. However, coaches need to know why and how they’re testing, since athletes are different, and so are jumps. Contact mats are an excellent way to benchmark change in individual athletes, as long as you interpret and utilize the data correctly, and get athlete buy-in to jump with their best effort.

Athlete Intelligence Introduces Cue Sport Sensor For Head Impact Detection

Formerly known as i1 Biometrics, Athlete Intelligence has been a leading startup when it comes to sports safety and injury prevention through technology and data analytics. The company has developed cutting edge gadgets such as the Vector Mouth Guard™ and Shockbox ® injury protection and detection in helmet-wearing sports.

Mental Fatigue Alters Cortical Activation and Psychological Responses, Impairing Performance in a Distance-Based Cycling Trial

Purpose: We sought to verify if alterations in prefrontal cortex (PFC) activation and psychological responses would play along with impairments in pacing and performance of mentally fatigued cyclists. Material and Methods: Eight recreational cyclists performed two preliminary sessions to familiarize them with the rapid visual information processing (RVP) test, psychological scales and 20 km cycling time trial (TT20km) (session 1), as well as to perform a VO2MAX test (session 2).

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