Internal Versus External Tracking Is Next Frontier Of Data Privacy


February 21, 2018

Internal Versus External Tracking Is Next Frontier Of Data Privacy

An emerging issue in the roiling player privacy debate is that not all athlete tracking data is collected the same way. From wearables to cameras, there’s an endless array of information being generated: internal versus external, personal versus positional, biometrics versus biomechanics.

Smart Clothes, Ear-Based Wearables To Expand In Fitness Category

Specialized wearables such as smart athletic wear, connected sneakers and hearing-based wearables are expected to surge over the next four years, outpacing the growth of conventional fitness trackers. Connected clothes and ear-based wearables, coined “hearables,” are forecast to climb 550 percent over the next four years, from 4.5 million in 2018 to nearly 30 million in 2022, according to a new report from consumer technology industry tracker Juniper Research.

Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal Make Shots Wearing 5G-Powered Goggles

Anthony Davis & Bradley Beal took time during All-Star weekend to test out the capabilities of Verizon’s new 5G network. Wearing VR goggles with a front camera mount, the two took shots (and made them) to prove the super-fast, low-latency capabilities of the network.

Muscle Fibers, Strength Training, and the Impact of Wearables with Dr. Andy Galpin

“[Wearables] are only successful when you use them to learn more about your own body. That’s the missing link … They cannot be used as the actual answer themselves. If you outsource your own intelligence, if you outsource your thinking, your own physiology to these devices, you are going to lose.”

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