Intel AI Will Provide New Insights To Ferrari’s North America Series


January 9, 2018

Intel AI Will Provide New Insights To Ferrari’s North America Series

Intel is partnering with Ferrari to reshape the fan viewing experience and the analytic tools available to drivers in the Italian car company’s six-race circuit on the North American continent. The basis for this enhancement is through Intel’s artificial intelligence products operated on the Xeon Scalable platform and the Neon Framework.

How Peak Eccentric Forces Reduce and Rehabilitate ACL Injuries – SimpliFaster

Many outside factors contribute to higher ACL injury rates. In this article, Coach Valle identifies these factors and gives suggestions on ways to reduce ACL injuries, based on current research and the best practices of other coaches who successfully used training to solve injury problems.

Four minute mull: Concussion, policy and awareness | The Science of Sport

The latest four minute mull is here, and it’s back to the subject of concussion. It was topical, because another controversy in the NFL with Cam Newton pushed the issue of concussion management into the news.

Understanding the Science of Training to Run Faster

Understanding the “why” behind your workouts is an often overlooked aspect of training for many runners. Whether it’s because you are new to the sport or because you’ve read outdated or faulty advice, many runners struggle because they can’t connect the physiological with what they’re trying to accomplish on the trails, road and track.

Intel brings out former NFL star Tony Romo at CES keynote to tout company’s sports technology

LAS VEGAS – First, it was Deion Sanders and Satya Nadella. Now, it’s Tony Romo and Brian Krzanich. During Intel’s big keynote at CES in Las Vegas on Monday, the company brought out Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback, on stage to tout its “True View” technology – previously known as “freeD” – that lets fans experience the perspective of professional athletes during games.

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