Insights From Leading Sports Visionaries On Analytics As A Game Changer For Athletes



APRIL 17, 2017

Insights From Leading Sports Visionaries On Analytics As A Game Changer For Athletes – SportTechie

The Digital Athlete Athlete monitoring capabilities are evolving at a rapid pace due to the explosion of wearable sensor technology. It is now possible to monitor practically every facet of an athlete’s physical performance from the sidelines, in real time.

Technology a boost in analysing athletes

When sports science consultant Tim Gabbett started his career about 20 years ago, he diligently tracked the performance of football and rugby players during matches using pen and paper, and later, through video playback. “I’d go back to my office, and for every 10 minutes of game time, it would take 30 minutes to analyse one player – that’s about 41/2 hours per player,” he recalled.

Technology in rugby: GPS systems continue to grow in importance

Here’s what the little box on the players’ upper backs actually does.

How Top Strength Coaches Would Improve the NFL Scouting Combine

2017 has become a polarizing year for the NFL Scouting Combine and its Pro Day derivatives. Prospects like Florida State’s Dalvin Cook and Clemson’s Mike Williams are said to have been clocked anywhere along a continuum of times up to .15 seconds apart (4.40 to 4.55 for Cook, 4.49 to 4.64 for Williams), depending on which scout you ask.

Blast Motion, USSSA Form Partnership On Sensor-Based Player Development

Blast Motion and the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) have partnered to deliver sensor-based player development and in-game swing metrics using Blast Baseball 360 and Blast Connect. The Blast sensor will help provide coaches with real-time swing analysis during practice and capture in-game swing metrics.

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