In ‘Pitch Design,’ MLB Pitchers Find New Approach to an Old Practice


March 29, 2018

In ‘pitch design,’ MLB pitchers find new approach to an old practice

GOODYEAR, Ariz. – Besides the classic spring-training tale of a veteran player arriving at camp “in the best shape of his live,” perhaps the most frequently reported preseason news out of Florida and Arizona every year is of some pitcher working on or refining a new offering for his arsenal.

U.S. Soccer Partners with STATSports as Official On-Field Performance Monitoring Device

In a milestone agreement, the world’s largest GPS partnership will provide performance monitoring units to players across the U.S. Men’s, Women’s, Youth, Paralympic, Futsal and Beach National Teams, Development Academy clubs and NWSL. The systematic approach between U.S. Soccer and STATSports will align data, information and support within the elite player pathway as U.S.

Is Player Tracking Coming To The NHL? – Sports Wearable

Imagine sitting in an NHL arena watching Alex Ovechkin crush a slap shot, then glancing up to the scoreboard to see just how hard he crushed it. No, we’re not talking about this season’s NHL All-Star Skills Competition, where Ovechkin clinched the title with a 101.3-mph blast – the only shot of the evening to …

Baseball and the Olympic Lifts

One of the most popular questions I get is about using the Olympic lifts with baseball athletes. First off, I came up through my athletic career as well as my early coaching career with the Olympic lifts as a staple. I even trained as an Olympic lifter for an extended period of time on the Bulgarian, and Russian systems years…

The Tricky Ethics of the NFL’s New Open Data Policy

Since 2015, every player in the National Football League has been part cyborg. Well, kind of: Embedded in their shoulder pads is an RFID chip that can measure speed, distance traveled, acceleration, and deceleration. Those chips broadcast movement information, accurate to within six inches, to electronic receivers in every stadium.

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