How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the World of Sports?


APRIL 12, 2017

How will Artificial Intelligence Change the World of Sports?

How will Artificial Intelligence Change the World of Sports? In short, AI will change the world of sports drastically and it will change it for the better. First, I have to explain what Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial Intelligence is defined as software that is capable of making its own conclusions on the way of reaching a goal.

WHOOP being MLB’s Favorite New Toy! – Sports Wearable

WHOOP was approved by MLB last week, which notified that players can wear this wrist band during games starting in the 2017 season, making it first wearable device of its kind approved for in-game use for MLB players. MLB and WHOOP conducted the largest performance study in the US professional sports, recently.

G-Form Becomes Official Protection Partner For Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox formed a three-year partnership with G-Form, which provides athletic impact protection. G-Form, which is based in Providence, R.I., is now the official protection partner for the Red Sox organization as it launches a new baseball line.

Nike’s Sub-2-Hour Marathon Attempt Will Be Run in Early May

The race will be streamed live around the world, with a broadcast hosted by veteran sports journalist Sal Masekela and additional commentary from NBC analyst and Nike executive Craig Masback and others. Details of how to access the stream haven’t yet been released.

WATCH: How wearables are affecting the sport, culture of golf on the course

Wearables are changing our culture, and the sport of golf is not exempt. “How many steps have you walked?” is as common a question as, “Where are you going to eat?” Professional golfers will do anything to gain even the slightest advantage. That’s why they are using wearables to help improve their games in the gym.

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