How VR will Help Coaches in the Next Gen of Professional Sports




November 8, 2017

How VR will Help Coaches in the Next Gen of Professional Sports – VR Fitness Insider

The very words “virtual reality” seem to suggest that there are few real-world applications for a VR headset. In fact, total immersion is one of the prime selling points for VR technology. So, why can’t these headsets be used for real use cases? We’ve covered some of what Strivr is trying to accomplish with its …

How Science And Engineering Are Fighting To Save Football

Watch a close-up of an elbow contorting as a pitcher spins a curveball. Think about the pounds of pressure at play when a 280-pound center comes down hard with a rebound. Witness someone run into the human equivalent of a brick wall with shoulder pads on.

Bob Bowman, Major League Baseball’s Digital Mastermind, Steps Down

It was an extraordinary investment. Bam would become the crown jewel of Major League Baseball, the envy of every sports league and one of the most important companies as the broadcast world transitioned to digital streaming. It generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually, and 75 percent of a spinoff company, BamTech, has been sold for $2.58 billion.

Sports psychology: What happens when athletes work on their mental game?

Kyle Gibson was 29 years old, had an 8.20 ERA and was back in Pawtucket, R.I. Five years into his major league career without a breakout season – and only one with an ERA below 4.00 – and the Twins pitcher found himself yet again with the Class AAA Rochester Red Wings.

The Top 8 Swimming Trackers – The Medical Futurist

My life would be empty without data. It offers me a clearer picture of myself, gives me motivation and joy. I know I’m a geek but it delights me to have been living under the spell of data for so many years. I have tested hundreds of gadgets, sensors, and smartwatches.

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