How to Assist Training and Recovery with HRV




May 18, 2017

How to Assist Training and Recovery with HRV – SimpliFaster

In the third and final piece in our series on heart rate variability (HRV), Coach Carl Valle talks about using HRV devices like the ithlete to implement better training and recovery plans, as well as making sure that athletes are more consistently part of the process.

Rugby research team find 20-minute exercise plan reduces injury risk

A study has found a specific 20-minute exercise programme can reduce injuries in teenage rugby players by more than 70%. Experts from the University of Bath say they are excited by the dramatic findings, which are to set to be implemented across all levels of the community game by the Rugby Football Union before next season.

Exploring the Science Behind Resting Athletes – Sports Discovery

It seems not a week or even a day goes by without another sport story in the media on rest. In football, Jose Mourinho has bemoaned his team’s fixture congestion over Christmas and recently with the Europa League and domestic scheduling. Perhaps with a strong case considering Leicester City won…

Union Soccer Players Using Sports Science Technology To Track Performance

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Union soccer players are upping their game with a unique sports technology. Professional soccer is a game with of speed and strategy, and for the Philadelphia Union, there’s also sports science technology. On the field under their jerseys, the players wear vests equipped with a heart rate monitor and tracking devices.

Xenith Partners With Rivals Professional Football League, Continues Innovation In Player Safety

Detroit-based helmet manufacturer Xenith has been at the forefront of football player safety for some time now. The company features patented Adaptive Head Protection – technology designed to provide a comfortable helmet while minimizing head movement on impact. Thanks to a recent exclusive partnership, Xenith will now supply helmets featuring this tech to athletes in the Rivals Professional Football League (RPFL).

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