How the NBA Became the Worlds Most Tech Savvy Sports League



June 12, 2017

How The NBA Became The World’s Most Tech-Savvy Sports League

Inside a raucous Oracle Arena in Oakland last Thursday, with Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kevin Hart sitting courtside for Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry faked out LeBron James and hit a wide-open 3-pointer. Moments later, my phone buzzed with the arrival of a video courtesy of the Warriors’ Messenger bot.

The Delicate Balance of Incorporating Player-Tracking Data Into The NBA

What do tonight’s NBA Finals game, technology and collective bargaining negotiations have in common? Maybe more than you would suspect. When the NBA and NBPA released the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) set to become effective in July, it marked the first time the league clarified its stance on the use of wearable technology.

Concussionometer Does Concussion Assessment In A Few Minutes

With concussions and other head injuries ever on the minds of athletes, coaches and fans, a new device called the Concussionometer, developed by Australian company HeadSafeIP, could ease their worries by providing objective concussion assessments right on the sideline.

Fusion Sport Celebrates Success of Annual SMARTABASE Athlete Data Management User Conference

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What Your Body Actually Needs During Different Types of Endurance Exercise | TrainingPeaks

Hydration is only one piece of the nutrition puzzle faced by endurance athletes, so at Precision Hydration we get a lot of questions about how to fuel activity as well as how to best stay hydrated. Here’s a fairly high-level overview on how to meet both your hydration and nutritional needs during endurance exercise.

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