How The Houston Astros Are Winning Through Advanced Analytics


June 22, 2018

How the Houston Astros are winning through advanced analytics

In the first of a two-part interview, the architect of last year’s World Series champions shares how analytics, organization, and culture combine to create competitive advantage in a zero-sum industry. When the Houston Astros won the seventh and deciding game of last year’s World Series, it marked the end of a long and challenging road.

The State of Soccer Tech – Bob Foose, MLSPA

Bob Foose is the executive director of the Major League Soccer Players Association. He believes the greatest recent technological advancement in soccer has come in wearables and biometric monitoring. But he is also wary of the potential negative impacts those technologies can have for players.

Rebuilding and Recovery: Cutting-Edge Sports Nutrition – SimpliFaster

In this installment of our Freelap Friday Five interviews, we talk to sports nutritionist Katie Mark about the impact of diet and nutrition on the gut, and how gut health affects athletic performance. We also discuss sweat rate and salt intake, recovery drinks, exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC), and new developments in sports nutrition.

Dallas Cowboys Partner on New Sports Therapy Complex

The Dallas Cowboys, healthcare provider Baylor Scott & White, and the Frisco school district partnered on a state-of-the-art sports medicine and therapy complex. The facility will be used by everyone for pro football players to high school athletes and local residents.

The Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide Story – Premax Blog

I had landed my dream job. After years of networking, working with developments teams, and even moving up to the mountains for three winters in a row in Australia, I finally got to work with our national skiing and snowboarding teams.

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