How The Chicago Bulls Make Decisions With Behavioral Science, Analytics


January 11, 2018

How The Chicago Bulls Make Decisions With Behavioral Science, Analytics

The Chicago Bulls’ Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics joins Bram to discuss his work with behavioral science and how it applies to ticket sales, in-game purchases and split-second in-game decisions on the basketball court. That and more on this episode of the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein.

NFLPA President Eric Winston Likens Wearable Metrics To Health Data

The president of the NFL Players Association said on a panel held at the annual Consumer Electronics Show that data collected from wearables technology belongs to the athlete. Eric Winston, a 12-year offensive lineman most recently with the Cincinnati Bengals, gave the example of a running back’s 80-yard run.

Firstbeat’s Player Status Analysis Platform Monitors Long-Term Trends

One of elite sport’s most prolific technologies hails from the Finnish Lakeland and a pair of research studies into the autonomic nervous system and mathematical modeling of heart-rate variability at the University of Jyväskylä and that city’s Research Institute for Olympic Sports.

Moov launches extremely accurate HR sweatband and HR Burn

These days, wrist bands which tells about your heart rate are being launched all over. They have sensors embedded but their accuracy still remains questionable. Moov is a company which has constantly taken a different approach towards activity tracking. The outfit has now come out with HR Burn, which is a heart rate monitoring chest …

Biomechanical consequences of running with deep core muscle weakness – ScienceDirect

The deep core muscles are often neglected or improperly trained in athletes. Improper function of this musculature may lead to abnormal spinal loading, muscle strain, or injury to spinal structures, all of which have been associated with increased low back pain (LBP) risk.

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