How the 49ers Helped Push Develop Its Daily Assessment Tool, Push Vital


July 11, 2018

How the 49ers Helped Push Develop Its Daily Assessment Tool, Push Vital

As the 49ers were making a strategic investment in strength training wearable company Push in early 2016, the franchise hired Chip Kelly as head coach. Kelly wanted an athlete readiness and wellness assessment to prepare the team for the upcoming season. He wasn’t satisfied with any of the options on the market.

That Spitting Thing at the World Cup? It’s Probably ‘Carb Rinsing’

Harry Kane, England’s captain and the World Cup’s leading scorer, has at times appeared more interested in rinsing his mouth with fluid than swallowing it during the tournament. Late in an epic second-round match against Colombia that extended through 30 minutes of added time and penalty kicks, Kane vigorously squirted his sports-drink bottle into his mouth.

The State of Soccer Tech – Xavi Reche, FC Barcelona

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, SportTechie and N3XT Sports are surveying key soccer experts around the world to understand the current state of soccer technology and innovation. (More soccer technology viewpoints.) Xavi Reche is a sports scientist at FC Barcelona.

Soccer’s concussion problem exposed once again in World Cup semifinal

Everybody remembers the image: Of Germany’s Christoph Kramer staggering off the field in the 2014 World Cup final, half-conscious, half-zombie-like. He was concussed – he’d later say he remembered nothing of his half-hour in the game – yet allowed to stay on, until he was physically unable to continue.

Taking an Acceleration-Based Approach to Performance and Return to Play – SimpliFaster

While there are many techniques and technologies directed at strengthening the hamstrings, Coach Derek Hansen explains why short sprints are a better means of addressing the specific strength needs of the hamstrings for athletic performance and return to play. This includes basic coaching techniques for sprint and acceleration training to use as part of in-season protocols.

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