How Technology Is Strengthening College Teams’ Recruitment Efforts



August 30, 2017

How Technology Is Strengthening College Teams’ Recruitment Efforts

Minus a crystal ball to ensure perfect picks, a college sports team’s acquisition of new players always comes with some risk. That’s where Diane Bloodworth and her company Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA) come in. With the all-important method of predictive analysis, she helps schools choose the most promising athletes to lead them to victory.

Motus Global’s Ben Hansen On The Latest Tech That Can Help Prevent Baseball Injuries

Pitcher injuries remain the highest priority concern persisting in baseball. A quarter of all big league pitchers have undergone Tommy John surgery, and elbow and shoulder injuries accounted for 54 percent of all days on the disabled list from 1998 through 2015, according to a recent study.

Sports Technology & the Art of Coaching | Sparta Science

Recently many people in the sports performance field have been speaking out about the idea of the dying art of coaching. More and more domestic organizations are creating positions for Sport Scientists and High Performance Directors in attempt to replicate the international High Performance Model.

Ball Tracer Technology Can Be Added To Your Tennis Videos With Zepp Tennis 2

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, Zepp, the sensor-based training device and platform, launched the Zepp Tennis 2 Swing and Match Analyzer as an enhanced version of its tennis product. The Zepp sensor attaches to any tennis racket and tracks stroke type, spin, ball speed, ball spin and sweet spot accuracy.

Defend Your Head Looks To Advance Safe Helmet Technology

In December 2015, Will Smith took to the big screen to play a forensic pathologist who took on the NFL about traumatic brain injuries and subsequent diseases, especially chronic traumatic encephalopathy. At the same time, a product was in development that now is poised to reduce the chance of these brain injuries.

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