How Technology Helped Get the Viking’s Harrison Smith Off The Couch


September 25, 2018

How Technology Helped Get Harrison Smith off the Couch

Two years ago, Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith regularly fell asleep while watching game video late into the night. Then a sleep scientist came knocking and told him how his bad habits were likely impacting the way he played football.

‘Science’ and the Barbell Hip Thrust – SimpliFaster

As evidenced in the recent debate over the efficacy of the barbell hip thrust, science depends on people and their ability to make reasonable inferences. While the scientific method may work well to answer certain questions, it needs human interpretation and experimentation to resolve complex problems.

The Paradox of a Hammer-Cracking Motor Pathways to Hard & Soft Skills – SimpliFaster

The well-known picture of a blacksmith swinging his hammer focuses on the variations of the paths the hammer takes, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about the blacksmith’s wrist, elbow, or shoulder. There are mechanical laws according to which athletes must move, and there is bandwidth we can move within.

Tolerance, Noise and Covariation in Skilled Action

The field of motor control has been recently steadily moving towards the idea that there is no such thing as an ideal movement.

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