How Swansea City Uses Technology To Manage Today’s Athlete



June 21, 2017

How Swansea City Uses Technology To Manage Today’s Athlete

Swansea City FC sits in the lower half of Premier League football clubs in terms of annual player spend, and as a result, it has to get scrappier and strategic with how it maximizes its talent on the pitch.

Kansas City Chiefs among NFL teams using STATsports

STATsports sits in the town of Newry in Northern Ireland, a small town of 30,000-ish residents in the country’s southern edge. Armed with only 40 employees but a forward-thinking approach to measuring sports performance, teams from every sport on multiple continents have come calling for their services.

Controlling Sport Performance – Player Development Project

Sport is a dynamic, constantly changing, and unpredictable environment to work and perform in. One minute you are on top, the next you are second best. So the idea of controlling what you can to try to minimize such seismic shifts is appealing and potential vital for performance.

Shaquille O’Neal On His Garmin Smartwatch, Esports Investment

NEW YORK – If Shaquille ONeal isn’t getting in at least his 5,000 steps a day, the four-time NBA champion admittedly feels a little lazy. According to O’Neal – who has been a regular Garmin smartwatch wearer – he wishes he had access to wearable devices now on the market during his 19-year career, maybe similar to how Minnesota Timberwolves forward Zach LaVine or Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes have leveraged Fitbit.

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