How Sports Science Can Actually Be A “Game Changer”




September 15, 2017

How sports science can actually be a “Game Changer”

Fergus Connolly and Jim Harbaugh can agree on this: they aren’t interested in sports science, only winning science. While that may be one of the made-for-TV recruiting statements we are accustomed to in college sports, Connolly—a performance expert who formerly worked with the San Francisco 49ers—actually focuses his scientific philosophies on earning victories.

NASCAR Cup Champions Discuss Use Of Wearables And Analytics

NEW YORK – When Kevin Harvick first wore a Polar heart-rate monitor during a NASACR race a few years ago, he sent the data back to the company for help with the analysis. Their response: “Wow, this wasn’t really what we were expecting.”

Velocity School: Where Pitchers Pay to Throw Harder

KENT, Wash. – Trevor Bauer is the son of a chemical engineer. Those are the genes he inherited. An engineer, Bauer explained, will consider a problem, develop a process to solve it, then implement, evaluate and adjust until finding a solution. Nothing is untrainable. Bauer did not want to be a chemical engineer, though.

Strava Will Now Automatically Download Workouts From Select Exercise Machines

Strava, the social network for athletes that recently tapped Instagram executive James Quarles to serve as its chief executive officer, announced a number of partnerships with gyms and fitness apps this week as it seeks to widen the scope of its service and allow users to track workouts from select exercise machines.

FC Barcelona builds on its eye for innovation.

The GSMA, the representative of mobile operators worldwide, and FC Barcelona have announced a three-year partnership aimed at working on a range of technology initiatives in Barcelona and other cities around the world.

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