How Sportradar Went From Passion Project to ‘Remarkable Business’


October 8, 2018

How Sportradar went from passion project to ‘remarkable business’

When Carsten Koerl was growing up in the mountains of southern Germany, he dreamed of being a downhill ski racer or a professional tennis player. He wasn’t quite good enough at either – so he turned to computer engineering and has since become a sports data mastermind who’s revolutionizing online betting and changing the way fans watch games.

Priming a Hitter’s Brain: EEG Case Study Part 2

As more metrics become readily available for use in sport performance, we’ve seen baseball go through changes on and off the field, both strategically and developmentally. In Driveline’s never ending quest to optimize player development, one metric that we’ve started to investigate is brain activity measured through an electroencephalogram (EEG) device.

Opta and KPMG develop new analytics for soccer player valuation

Digital platform will provide financial and sporting insights into stars from 11 top-tier leagues. Professional services giant KPMG and Perform-owned sports data company Opta have launched a new player valuation analytics tool to help soccer clubs better understand the financial impact of signings.

Acceleration Ladders and Speed Hurdles in Team Sport: Scientific Investigation – SimpliFaster

Acceleration ladders are very polarizing among coaches, but in track and field, ladder training and speed hurdles (wicket drill) are trending in popularity. Some elite athletes have trained with both approaches while others have succeeded without a glance at these exercises. Coach Valle points out that these exercises are options but are not essential to reaching elite status.

Developing Power – NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association

This in-depth, science-based exploration of power and sport includes chapters from 10 of the NSCA’s top experts. With 67 exercises and drills, assessment tests, analysis, and programming for 12 sports, this book includes everything that strength coaches, trainers, and athletes need to increase power and elevate performance.

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