How Soccer Technology Has Evolved Since Brazil’s World Cup


June 13, 2018

How Soccer Technology Has Evolved Since Brazil’s World Cup

At the 2014 World Cup, soccer teams were just starting to make use of analytics, social media was only beginning to embrace sports streaming, and there was no such thing as a virtual referee on the pitch.

Sweden using AMS by Catapult in preparation for World Cup | Catapult Sports

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches, the Swedish National Team are busy making their final preparations before their opening game against South Korea in Nizhny Novgorod on 18th June. As a long-term Catapult client, the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) recognises the importance of athlete monitoring technologies in optimising the performance of their players, mitigating injury risk, and informing crucial return to play processes.

Qbit: A Wearable technology to Coach Quarterback’s Eyes – Sports Wearable

Football of today is game of short passes, even if it is packaged as the spread attack, west coast offence or run-pass option. Fox Sports college football’s lead expert and Colorado’s finest, Joel Klatt said “The only way that you can successfully the modern style of offense is if the quarterback is looking at the …

BCAA Bashing: Have The Big Three Of Aminos Been Debunked As Muscle-Builders?

Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS In late summer 2017, within the span of about 72 hours, I received a barrage of emails, texts, and calls from colleagues to clients, buddies and beggars; the latter being those types who claim to be friends or potential clients, but just want as much free intel as possible.

The Myth of the Non-Responder

“I just don’t respond to that type of training.” Or if you are a science nerd among us, you might say, “I have the non-responder genes for aerobic (or anaerobic) exercise” It’s a convenient excuse, and perhaps with a hint of truth.

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