How Pitchers Train Inside Motus Global’s Advanced Biomechanics Lab


February 8, 2018

How Pitchers Train Inside Motus Global’s Advanced Biomechanics Lab

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – Sharing space with a physical therapy center is an open-plan fitness center as big as an airplane hangar and brimming with activity. While a rehabbing NFL player did deadlifts in the center of the facility, off to the corner stood a former minor league pitcher toeing the rubber of a high-density foam, turf-covered mound as part of Motus Global’s advanced biomechanics lab.

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For a sport judged partially on style, figure skating has not changed much with the times: The billowing, sequined costumes look the same as they have for decades, the classical music never goes in or out of style, and the jumps (which actually determine the score) have more or less stayed the same.

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