How Often Should You Test Your Athletes?



August 18, 2017

How Often Should You Test Your Athletes?

With every new partnership, one of the most common questions we get is “How often should we assess?” Our answer to this is always the same: “As often as you’re willing to do something about it.” Now this may seem like a simple it depends cop out, but there is really some beauty in the …

How to Use the Motus Sleeve

We have been using the motusBASEBALL Sensor to great success over the last year, and it has been able to bring biomechanics measurement from the lab to the amatuer coach and player. Because of our success using the motusBASEBALL Sensor, we felt it would be helpful to provide some more information on how we’ve used the sensor so far.

PlayGineering Systems Provides Low Cost Tagless Player Tracking

New technology from startup ventures is transforming the global sports industry. This contact us if you know of a startup that should be considered for inclusion in this series. Startup Series has introduced over 300 startup companies in the sports technology space to a broader audience by allowing Founders of promising new ventures to tell their story and pitch their idea.

Does Kinesio Tape Work for Runners? A Hard Look at the Science and Research

If you have been watching the Olympics, one thing you’ve definitely noticed is the preponderance of athletes sporting colorful web-like tapings on their shoul

The soccer trainer comes to you with this new smart ball from DribbleUp

NEW YORK – DribbleUp founder Eric Forkosh theorizes that Americans lag behind the rest of the world in soccer because youth in this country have less access to quality training and less emphasis on regular drills – and he offers a simple, portable solution.

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