How GPS Tracking is Changing Soccer


June 12, 2018

How GPS tracking is changing football

On June 17th Neymar, one of the world’s greatest footballers, will step out with his Brazilian teammates onto the turf at the Rostov Arena in Russia to face Switzerland in their first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The team will be dressed in its distinctive canary-yellow strip.

The Rise of Big Data in Sports

Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) tools have flooded today’s market. What was once only accessible to large-scale organizations working on mission-critical decisions, has translated into tools integrated into daily work, and now into devices that are accessible to individual users.

FIFA gives Catapult’s player tracking tech the thumbs up for in-game use

After some rigorous testing by the folks at FIFA, the governing body for world football has approved the use of Catapult’s wearable tracking tech during competitive matches.

Strength and Conditioning Advice When Training Golfers – SimpliFaster

There are plenty of misconceptions about golfers as athletes, primarily because so many people view golf as an activity for retirees and business executives. However, there is growing demand for physicality in golf and, as with all sports, strength is the basis for preliminary athletic improvement.

Plyometric Push-Ups and Progressions for Power Development

There are many ways to load and challenge the push-up movement, from bodyweight push-ups to loaded isometric push-ups. This article will go over several plyometric push-up exercises, their progressions, and ways to utilize them to improve upper body plyometric ability and power development.

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