How Did Donovan Mitchell Turn Into Utah’s Go-To Scorer? Check the Tape


May 7, 2018

How did Donovan Mitchell turn into Utah’s go-to scorer? Check the tape

Apr 18, 2018 Tim MacMahonESPN Staff Writer Close Joined in September 2009 Covers the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks Appears regularly on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder, remote control in hand as he sits in the spacious, state-of-the-art film room at the team’s practice facility, rewinds the clip of Donovan Mitchell drilling a corner 3-pointer, replaying it a couple of times on the large projector screen.

Magness Speaks – How to Spot Bad Science and Fads: Determining Whether an Idea is Worthwhile

This is a blog straight from email requests. It’s not exactly about training, but one of the most frequent and perhaps most important question I get asked is how the heck do you spot the good stuff from the crap…

This Might Be the Most Valuable Training Data

When the question of how to use data to guide your training came up during a podcast discussion last week, I dusted off a familiar bromide. The output from GPS watches, power meters, heart rate monitors, and other forms of modern wearable tech is great for describing your training, I said, but not so good for prescribing it.

A Buyer’s Guide to Muscle and Joint Function Monitoring Systems – SimpliFaster

While injuries in sport are normal and expected, some current and emerging technologies aim to reduce injury recurrence and even prevent injuries from happening. In this buyer’s guide, SimpliFaster clarifies the difference between function monitoring and injury diagnosis, and assesses muscle and joint function monitoring systems.

Guest Blog: Phil Kearney (MSA Ireland) What is Skill Acquisition?

I had the pleasure of spending some time in the company of Phil Kearney when I guested as a speaker at the Movement and Skill Acquisition Ireland (@MSAIreland) conference in Cork City Ireland in early April. The opportunities for interactions between speakers and delegates facilitated by Phil and his partners at Movement and Skill Acquisition Ireland,…

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