How Data Helped Singapore Win an Olympics Gold


APRIL 7, 2017

How data helped Singapore win an Olympics Gold | GovInsider

In sports, every second counts. In fact, it was just a matter of 75 milliseconds for swimmer Joseph Schooling to win Singapore’s first Olympic gold in Rio last year. Schooling and Singapore’s 24 other athletes at the Olympics had support from an entourage of coaches, doctors and physiologists.

NFL and NCAA teams will equip players with VICIS high-tech helmets during spring football

More Vicis helmets are out in the wild as the Seattle startup prepares to equip NFL and NCAA teams with its high-tech product this fall.

Nike’s Magic Shoes: What If They Really Work?

Even as a basketball-crazy 13-year-old in the late 1980s, I knew that Spike Lee’s famous pitch for Air Jordans-“It’s gotta be the shoes!”-was meant to be ironic. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and sneaker companies are compelled to make grandiose claims about the incredible superpowers of each new iteration of their product.

Athlete Intelligence Introduces Small, Lightweight Cue Sport Sensor For Head Impact Detection

You’re on the football field, and you collide helmet-to-helmet with a defending player. As you absorb the shock of the play, a coin-sized sensor in your helmet sends real-time data to the coach, who can monitor your condition.

GoRout Proposes NFL Teams To Experience Its On-Field Wearables – Sports Wearable

GoRout is the sole tech startup that deals with on-field technology combining intelligent software and on-field wearable products to enhance practice for high school, college, and professional football teams. Currently, teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), American Athletic Conference (AAC), Canadian Football League (CFL), SunBelt Conference, and Big XII are using GoRout’s wearable display …

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