How Coaches Are Keeping Their Players In Shape Year-Round


March 15, 2018

How Coaches Are Keeping Their Players In Shape Year-Round

While coaches have come to rely on Polar Team Pro to keep players at the top of their game during the season, they’re also making the most of the technology to monitor conditioning in the off season. they’re also making the most of all Polar technology has to offer long after his players have returned home.

Use Real Data, Gain Real Muscle

For a few minutes, forget everything you know about hypertrophy (i.e.muscle growth). Forget about rep ranges, number of sets, training to muscular failure, supersetting, quadruple setting or whatever the flavor of the week is. Gaining muscle size isn’t easy.

Explosive Training and Heavy Weight Training are Effective for Improving Running Economy in Endurance Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Several strategies have been used to improve running economy (RE). Defined as the oxygen uptake required at a given submaximal running velocity, it has been considered a key aerobic parameter related to endurance running performance. In this context, concurrent strength and endurance training has been considered an effective method, although conclusions on the optimal concurrent training cannot yet be drawn.

SMARTABASE For Teams To Prevent Injury – Sports Wearable

Success doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. It is never JUST about hard work. It takes months of prior planning and performance monitoring to keep a visible track of improvements. Sport teams deal with a lot of data regardless of the sport. What makes this task so grueling is to figure out which data …

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