How Athletes Train Their Minds for the Olympics


February 26, 2018

How Athletes Train Their Minds for the Olympics

During the women’s downhill race on Wednesday, Bode Miller, who has been an NBC color commentator for the alpine ski events at this Olympics, offered some insight on the mental toll of his former profession. “Everyone says that the pitcher’s mound is the loneliest place in sports.

Fast Company Names 76ers One of Most Innovative Companies in the World | Philadelphia 76ers

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers, a Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) property, has been named today to Fast Company’s renowned “Most Innovative Companies” list, which honors companies across the world that exemplify the best in business and innovation.

LifeFuels Unveils Smart Bottle That Tracks Hydration

Water, everyone knows, is the ultimate hydrator. It’s the only substance in the world that every living thing needs. But for those who want or need a little something more to keep their bodies going, a tech-laden water bottle could be the answer. At CES in January, LifeFuels unveiled its smart bottle.

Why Fitness Trackers Should Measure Your Breath Rate

If you could design the wearable tech of your dreams for endurance training and performance, what primary data would you choose to display on the face of the device? Would it be heart rate? Heart rate variability? Cadence and stride length? Real-time pace? Mechanical power? Blood lactate level? VO2?

New e-skin displays your health on your hand

A team from the University of Tokyo led by Takao Someya has just announced the development of a new flexible film that can display animated graphics on your skin. Imagine a graphic heart rate monitor on the back of your hand or a display of a diabetic’s blood sugar.

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