How Analytics Companies are Changing Sports


April 16, 2018

How analytics companies are changing sports

The Tech in Sports crew explores all the latest tech news from the last week including international rugby athletes battling to own their data, smart clothing to expand the wearables market, and a new report studying the impact of subconcussive impacts. Plus, we speak with Netherlands-based SciSports CEO and founder,

Aaron Altherr’s diving catch started with Phillies’ emphasis on analytics

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Aaron Altherr did not intend to make a catch as he ran to his right on Sunday afternoon and locked his eyes on Denard Span’s line drive. The ball was moving fast and Altherr figured he would corral it after it bounced off the turf.

Why It Matters How You Think About Pain

What enables athletes to tolerate more pain? Is there some physiological adaptation that dulls their nerve endings? Or is it simply that hours and weeks and years of challenging training have taught them to develop better psychological pain coping strategies?

Why the Humble PB&J Sandwich Is the Most Popular Pre-Game Snack in All of Pro Sports

The humble peanut butter and jelly combination is having a moment in the sun. In a recent issue of ESPN The Magazine , Baxter Holmes wrote a fascinating feature about how PB&J has taken over the NBA. Nearly every NBA team now makes PB&J sandwiches readily available to their players.

A Holosuit To Upgrade Your Golf Game – Sports Wearable

What’s New? Kaaya Tech, an Indian based startup company, has launched a new full body Holosuit which can help track body movements in a variety of positions. This ultimate in mixed reality wearable comes with pants, a jacket and gloves.The Holosuit monitors points of articulation to gather information about the way we move and create meaningful …

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