HitTrax Baseball Simulator Enhances Platform For Mobile, Outdoor Use




November 10, 2017

HitTrax Baseball Simulator Enhances Platform For Mobile, Outdoor Use

As a high school and college baseball player who had read Ted Williams’ “The Science of Hitting,” Mike Donfrancesco understood the need to elevate the ball. “I had a little bit of pop,” said Donfrancesco, who played at Boston University in the early 1990s, “and I was always trying to hit the ball 20 degrees, not even understanding what the launch angle term was.

Sheffield United: How blending old-school thinking with sports science has helped resurrect a club’s fortunes

Eighteen months ago, when Chris Wilder had just taken charge of Sheffield United, he sat down with journalists to outline his footballing philosophy. “I want players to win tackles, headers and races,” he insisted, over and over and over, during a series of round table interviews.

High Velocity Training and Improving Transfer of Force | Sparta Science

Once or twice a year, coaches get a chance to look back and reflect on their training program with the goal of evaluating its effectiveness. By consistently assessing and tracking this data, we are able to see what worked (to keep using) and what didn’t (to ditch).

A Case for Skipping Rope in Sports Training – SimpliFaster

Although it’s been around for decades, the jump rope is still an effective training tool. This article presents ways to integrate rope skipping into athletic development sessions and explains why all strength and conditioning coaches add ropes to their GPP toolkit.

Change in knee flexor torque after fatiguing exercise identifies previous hamstring injury in football players

Muscular fatigue and inter‐limb strength asymmetry are factors known to influence hamstring injury risk, however limb‐specific exacerbation of knee flexor (hamstrings) torque production after fatiguing…

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