Here Are 7 Predictions For How Technology Will Change Sports In 2018


January 3, 2018

Here Are 7 Predictions For How Technology Will Change Sports In 2018

In 2018, esports and traditional sports will continue to intersect, internet companies will double down on media rights, alternate realities will test how consumers watch sports and athletes train, and player-tracking data will be visualized in the NFL and NBA.

CES 2018: How Disruptive Technology In Sports Is Changing The Game

As a four-time Olympic medalist who now works full-time navigating the intersection of sports and technology, Angela Ruggiero preaches a simple message. If global companies are not fully integrating technology into their everyday business, they not only run the risk of falling behind the times and their competition, but they could face missing out on major opportunity.

Tom Brady Is Drowning In His Own Pseudoscience

Our science staff is trying to lead a more scientific life in 2018. Throughout the week, we’ll be writing about our resolutions for the new year . Here’s the second entry, on Tom Brady’s fitness empire. I am done with testimonials from professional athletes.

Takeaways For Those Using GPS In Sports

Global Positioning Systems or simply GPS, have been rising in popularity in team field sports for over a decade. This wearable provides context to strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, athletic trainers, and sport coaches to understand and detect fatigue and fitness on a deeper level.

8 Career Lessons I Learned From Henk Kraaijenhof – SimpliFaster

We all have mentors and/or influencers who have made an impact on the way we look at, think about, and approach our work. Trainers and coaches should take the time to review the people who influence them, so they can learn what makes them who they are.

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