Going Long on Athlete Data



May 25, 2017

Going long on athlete data – Sports Business Insider

Contrary to public market investing, where both long and short, or long/short equity strategies can pay dividends, startup investing pays dividends only by going long. That’s the reason that Venture Capital, a cash returns business model, typically runs approximately decade long LP (Limited Partner) return cycles due to the average liquidity event taking about eight years.

Fusion Sport’s SMARTABASE Helps Teams Train, Prevent Injury

No matter the sport, teams deal with a lot of data. The crucial part is sorting through it and figuring out what’s important when looking to improve athlete performance and injury prevention. Fusion Sport has a unique platform called SMARTABASE that’s helping many professional and college teams do just that.

New wearable technology to lighten load for Marines

Marine Corps Systems Command’s Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Team has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory to create a boot insert prototype to help improve the performance of Marines. The Mobility and Biomechanics Insert for Load Evaluation, or MoBILE, technology is hand-made by the bioengineering staff members at Lincoln Labs with the Marine in mind.

The Sports Tech Startup Directory

Sports technology is an industry that is continually growing. More and more startups are popping up, making it difficult to follow all the companies in the space. As a result, I have created this list of sports tech startups to act as a directory.

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