Glover’s Gold: Becoming an Olympic Champion in Record Time



October 11, 2017

Glover’s gold: Becoming an Olympic champion in record time

Over the past weeks, Ben Oakley from the Open University has unearthed some of the more unusual factors that make a champion and now in light of Helen Glover’s journey to gold in only four years, he explores what her success demonstrates.

Detecting brain disease takes an autopsy today. Penfield grad may change that

CLOSE If Jon Cherry says he wants to pick your brain, take him literally. The Penfield High School Class of 2004 graduate is making a career out of brain diseases and what they do. Some of Cherry’s research sounds like the stuff of Hollywood scriptwriters. – New training tool helps Purdue QBs track throws, prevent injuries

More: Reno in charge of shaping Purdue’s QBs Arm sleeves may seem like an accessory these days, something to boost a football player’s swag more than anything. But some actually serve a bigger purpose. Especially the ones Purdue quarterbacks have been wearing during practices this season. Domenic Reno made sure of that.

Huawei Band 2 Pro, An All-In-One Fitness Tracker That Can Be Left On The Wrist

The Huawei Band 2 Pro is the fitness tracker that you don’t have to take off of your wrist. Battery technology enables the band to be used for seven straight days on a single charge, meaning the recharging can wait until the weekend. Water resistance enables users to shower and wash their hands while wearing it.

Pacey Performance Podcast #152 – Bill Burgos – Strength of Science

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I have the pleasure in speaking to Head of Strength & Conditioning at Orlando Magic in the NBA, Bill Burgos. As President of the NBSCA (National Basketball Strength & Conditioning Committee) and current member of the NBA Sports Science Committee, Bill has a wealth of experience working in an around the NBA.

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