GameSense Sports Offers Hitters Drills To Help With Pitch Recognition


January 4, 2018

GameSense Sports Offers Hitters Drills To Help With Pitch Recognition

The oft-told standard in baseball is that a 90-mile-per-hour fastball takes four-tenths of a second to reach home plate and, because the act of swinging a bat takes about half the time, a hitter must identify the pitch, its expected location and decide what to do in about 0.2 seconds.

Samsung SmartSuit uses tech to help Olympic athletes train

Samsung has a SmartSuit to help Winter Olympic athletes train. The SmartSuit is being provided to a pair of Dutch short track racers courtesy of Samsung Netherlands, which developed the wearable in conjunction with coach Jeroen Otter and scientist Bjorn de Laat. As with similar suits we’ve seen, the Samsung SmartSuit transmits data to the coach’s smartphone.

Interpreting HRV Trends in Athletes: High Isn’t Always Good and Low Isn’t Always Bad – SimpliFaster

Monitoring heart rate variability (HRV) can provide useful information about training. However, users must avoid using the black-and-white approach that high = good and low = bad. In addition, HRV scores in isolation can be misleading. Any changes in HRV need to be considered in the context of other changes in training, lifestyle, and performance.

The “soft” vs tough debate, and rugby’s concussion culture challenge: Four Minute Mull E2 | The Science of Sport

In this episode of #thefourminutemull, I address the player welfare issue facing rugby. Last year, some controversy erupted when a player was cited for a dangerous tackle, leading some to say the sport was going soft.

The 6 Best Apps for Track & Field – The P.E Geek

When I was growing up I was obsessed with Track & Field, so much so that the very first time I created a website was to build a wikipedia style resource that listed the best athletes and their respective times & distances.

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