– Technology That Could Revolutionise Sports


July 10, 2018 – technology that could revolutionise sports

Surrounded by fog, I couldn’t see anything out of the car. It was the type of fog you only see once a year. It rolled in from the ocean, thick and oily, smothering what once used to be a trendy inner-city street. That’s when I first saw him stalking through the mist.

Where The Science Of Sleep Meets The Sport Of Basketball

If you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll find they’re full of big dreams. They want to be a professional basketball player! Or a movie star! Or the surprisingly common: “garbage truck!”

Five unscientific methods some sports coaches use

Sports coaches are often under pressure to maximise the performance of their athletes and teams. With good intentions, they often turn to the latest hyped psychological techniques and ideas – many of which are not well supported by scientific evidence. The following five techniques are widely used by sports coaches.

StanceBeam: The Personalised Coach at the End of Your Cricket Bat

Whether it’s a dusty pitch that makes it difficult to defend against spin bowling or a firmer, faster pitch that begins to crack, different conditions change the way a batsman plays and approaches different bowlers.

What makes countries good at football?

The 2018 World Cup is now reaching its climax, and some of the most fancied nations have already returned back home. But World Cup upsets aside, what makes a country good at football?

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