From Athlete To Innovator: Q&A With Isaiah Kacyvenski, Co-Founder Of Sports Innovation Lab



October 6, 2017

From Athlete To Innovator: Q&A With Isaiah Kacyvenski, Co-Founder Of Sports Innovation Lab

ThisQ&A with Isaiah Kacyvenskioriginally appeared onStarters, as part of the Starters Live Chat series, where members of the community ask questions and gain insight from leaders working at the intersection of sports and technology. Isaiah Kacyvenski is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Sports Innovation Lab, a leading market research and advisory firm delivering insights on intersection of sports and technology.

Technology Used to Track Players’ Steps Now Charts Their Sleep, Too

Yet so far, the changes are proving more evolutionary than revolutionary. Cal’s first-year head coach, Justin Wilcox, for instance, characterized various gadgets as “just another way to train our players,” drawing a direct line between them and the more basic cycle of practices, team meetings, weight-room work and games.

Sub-concussive blows can cause brain injury, says Trinity research

A study of rugby playing teenagers has discovered sub-concussive blows can cause brain injury. Trinity College research group, led by Dr Colin Doherty, a neurologist based in St James’s Hospital, revealed the damage suffered despite every player examined being free of concussion symptoms. “Concussion itself may just be the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr Doherty.

Bilateral extracephalic transcranial direct current stimulation improves endurance performance in healthy individuals

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NFL sideline tech tour, Alexa’s favorite NBA team, and more from the week in sports tech

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