French Open 2018: The Science Behind Nadal’s Clay-Court Dominance Explained


May 31, 2018

French Open 2018: The science behind Nadal’s clay-court dominance explained

Rafael Nadal has fully earned his ‘King of Clay’ tag, but why is he so dominant on the red dirt? An astonishing 56 of his 78 career titles have come on the surface, including 11 in each of Monte Carlo and Barcelona – a tally he will be hoping to match by defending his French Open crown over the coming fortnight.

How Dr. Alan Nathan Became Baseball Fans’ Favorite Physicist

Baseball remains the most pastoral of the major sports. Outside, in the nicest months of the year, it is played at a pace that has always lent itself to contemplation and close analysis. But in the last generation or so, the kind of analysis has deeply changed.

Riddell Adds Head-Injury Analytics to Smart Helmet

When a college quarterback wearing Riddell’s smart helmet is slammed unusually hard in the head, a coach on the sideline gets an immediate warning. Now, Riddell is upgrading that system to help coaches analyze head-injury trends so they can make smarter decisions about their players and reduce the chance of injury.

Remarkable Brings Sports Data to Life, One Stat at a Time

Remarkable, the data storytelling app built by Inside Edge, not only allows users to effortlessly pull up detailed sports insights out of a wealth of statistical information, but also shapes the data into digestible bits and translates big data into an easy-to-understand, relatable language.

SportScientia Tests Smart Football Insole With Liverpool Soccer Teams

Half the battle with injuries is preventing them before they occur. Liverpool-based SportScientia is testing a wireless, 3D-printed smart insole with local Merseyside soccer teams. The hope is that the device will monitor movement and load distribution in an athletes’ foot, and catch risk factors before they lead to injury.

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