Former NFL Kicker Hopes to Improve Football Safety With Technology



May 10, 2017

Former NFL kicker hopes to improve football safety with technology | Cronkite News

PHOENIX – Nick Lowery played football at the highest level for 18 years, but more than two decades after his 1996 retirement he continues to impact the game by improving the safety of the sport.

IOC tackles the topic of nutritional supplements, their use and their effects

A panel of leading medical and scientific experts concludes today a three-day meeting at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters to discuss the use of dietary supplements, their effects on athletes’ health and performances and the risk of contamination and anti-doping issues.

5 R’s of Post-Match & Training Performance: Regeneration / Recovery

THE 5 ‘R’S OF POST MATCH & TRAINING The final blast of the referee’s whistle, or the end of the training session signals not the end but in fact the start; the start of the recovery and regeneration cycle that prepares you for the next training session or match.

Steelers savior DeAngelo Williams’ leadership, success embody Athlete By Design effect

So a Steelers running back who averages 4.9 yards per carry is a vital piece of arguably the NFL’s best offense. You wouldn’t have believed in August if told that player is 32, not 23. He’s DeAngelo Williams, not Le’Veon Bell. Jeremy Boone not only would have believed, he’d have winked.

The New Science of Exercise

Ever since high school, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky has blurred the line between jock and nerd. After working out every morning and doing 200 push-ups, he runs three miles to his lab at McMaster University in Ontario. When he was younger, Tarnopolsky dreamed of becoming a gym teacher.

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