Football’s Secret Sports Science: The Power of Sleep



August 2, 2017

Football’s Secret Sports Science: The Power of Sleep

Sleep could be the next frontier of sport science, with Europe’s top-flight teams turning to experts to recharge their multimillion-pound assets and gain a competitive advantage on the field. As reported by Mark Bailey of the teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid are recruiting “sleep coaches” to help their players snooze better.

How sophisticated high-tech analytics transformed the Tour De France

It’s the most iconic cycling event on the planet. More than just a race, the Tour De France is a battle of wills and endurance that has thrown up some of the fiercest competitive rivalries in sport over the years.

Catapult Consumer CEO Discusses New Focus On Non-Professional Market

This week on the SportTechie podcast with Bram Weinstein, Benoit Simeray, CEO of Consumer, Catapult Sports, joins Bram to discuss Catapult’s growth as an elite athlete technology company and their recent entry into the consumer space with PLAYERTEK.

Will Neuropriming Be A Game-Changer for Sport Performance? – Leaders

For all the advances in training and preparation, brain performance is still an area that can leave coaches stumped. Most in sport accept that the brain can be harnessed to accelerate learning and improve performance but there is little collective understanding of how.

Smart Buckle Turns Classic Or Contemporary Watch Into Fitness Tracker

Technology company Gooseberry has introduced a new fitness tracker called Smart Buckle that can replace traditional clasps on even Swiss luxury watches. For those who don’t want to wear fitness bands, the stainless steel Smart Buckle is made to fit more than 500 brands of watches that feature standard 20-millimeter leather, silicon, and fabric straps.

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