Football’s Next Frontier: The Battle Over Big Data



June 28, 2017

Football’s Next Frontier: The Battle Over Big Data

NFL players have signed a five-year deal with WHOOP, a biometric performance company that measures workout strain, recovery, and quality of sleep via a wearable band. If teams want to see the data, they’re going to have to pay up . . . but they won’t be the only customers

How strength coaches are taking over college basketball

In season and now in the offseason, a coach’s most important staff member might not be sitting on the bench or in the film room. It might be the person in charge in the weight room. Welcome to the age of the college basketball strength coach.

Keemotion CEO Calls Buffalo Sabres A ‘Laboratory’ For Hockey Expansion

NEW YORK – Keemotion has struck a deal with the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres at it seeks to expand its smart camera technology beyond the basketball court and onto the ice rink.

USMNT’s DeAndre Yedlin Invests In Strength Training App

You could say DeAndre Yedlin is proud to be from Seattle. Yedlin, a defender for the U.S. men’s national soccer team, recently invested in Seattle-based Volt Athletics, a platform for professional-level strength and conditioning. Yedlin currently plays for Newcastle United and has had previous stints with the Seattle Sounders and Tottenham Hotspur.

Cheltenham Town to benefit from new technology during 2017/18 season

For the first time this season Cheltenham Town will wear GPS tracking devices in training and matches. New vests will allow boss Gary Johnson and his coaching staff to track every move on the pitch, including total distance, number of sprints and how heavy the workload has been on the players’ bodies.

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