Five Tech Trends to Watch as the 2018-19 NBA Season Tips Off


October 17, 2018

Five Tech Trends to Watch as the 2018-19 NBA Season Tips Off

When the 2018-19 NBA season tips off on Tuesday, fans will be able to consume league action in new ways through streaming innovations and new in-stadium technological advances. The landscape of the league changed with LeBron James’ offseason decision to head west for the Los Angeles Lakers, and new frontiers within the realm of sports betting and esports also look to drastically change the league.

Technology Is a Game Changer for the NBA

When Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors takes a pull-up 3-point shot in the team’s season-opening game on October 16, he’ll be unleashing what ESPN writer Kevin Pelton has identified as ” the most important shot in the NBA.”

7 Lessons Learned from the Best Sports Podiatrists – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle It’s amazing how important the feet are to an athlete’s health and well-being. And if you’re in the speed game, managing foot care is essential to athlete health. In this article, I cover the painful process of knowing what it takes to get results from sports podiatry, and I review details so you can succeed.

NBA Takes Steps To Bring New Accuracy, Timeliness to Statistics

A courtside team is integrated with an operation at league headquarters Four years in the making, the NBA’s recently completed project is intended to bring a new level of accuracy and timeliness to statistics, a move that will please everyone from fans to fantasy sports players to rightsholders and even to players and their agents.

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