Finding The Next Football Star With Artificial Intelligence


April 4, 2018

Finding the next football star with artificial intelligence

SciSports models on-field movements using machine learning algorithms, which by nature improve on performing a task as they gain more experience. On the pitch, BallJames works by automatically assigning a value to each action, such as a corner kick. Over time, these values change based on their success rate.

Virtual reality is all set to disrupt the sports industry

With advancements in the technology setting the bar higher every day, the sports industry has been reaping its benefits. According to the reports of the 2017 edition of PwC’s annual Sports Survey, the global sports industry is ‘ undergoing more disruption than ever ‘.

TMG: A Secret Weapon in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation – SimpliFaster

TMG is one of the most valuable muscle diagnostic tools and its use will raise the entire standard of performance by a sports support staff. Coaches committed to solving problems such as injuries and poor performance will naturally gravitate to what TMG can do for athletes.

Sensors in Basketball

Learn how TE Connectivity’s (TE) sensor technologies could help shape the future of basketball.

IBM’s Watson will make headlines at the Masters tournament

In just a few short days, we’ll watch enraptured as golf balls soar and a green jacket is awarded. We’re talking, of course, about the Masters tournament, which will begin on April 5 in Augusta, Georgia.

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