Eye-Tracking Tech For Hockey Goalies Aims To Learn How They Think


April 10, 2018

Eye-Tracking Tech For Hockey Goalies Aims To Learn How They Think

For many years, hockey coaches have known that goaltenders focus on numerous moving objects while the opposing offense passes the puck from player to player. They surmised that the best goaltenders seamlessly switch from a focused, central vision to peripheral vision and back again.

The Relationship Between Multidirectional Jumping and… : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

ints and 3 multidirectional jump (MDJ) tests. Variables examined were approach time (sprint before plant-step), exit time (sprint after plant-step), total time (time to completion) and MDJ approach time, and distance, respectively. Second, the ability of MDJ tests to predict performance in COD tests was examined.

Training Considerations for Improving Muscular Strength: Q&A with Dr. Tim Suchomel | Perform-X Training Systems

Muscular strength and power are critical for athletic performance, and most, if not all, coaches recognize the importance of resistance training in the overall program. However, this also leaves the question – what is the best way to train my athletes? This certainly opens a big can of worms that can take several directions including …

In Game Velocity Changes – When Fatigue Attacks

Velocity changes between seasons, or even games, are well reported on thanks to Jeff Zimmerman ‘s velocity tracking document.

STATSports signs deal with Brazil Football Confederation in time for World Cup

STATSports have signed a deal to provide its player monitoring devices to the elite teams of one of the world’s greatest footballing nations, Brazil. The Northern Ireland firm have tied up a long-term partnership with the Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) which will see it provide its pioneering APEX Team Series GPS device to all National teams within the federation.

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