Every NFL Football Will Have A Data Tracking Chip This Season



September 7, 2017

Every NFL Football Will Have A Data Tracking Chip This Season

Zebra Technologies and Wilson Sporting Goods announced Thursday that every NFL game football this season would have an embedded RFID tag to track location, speed and rotation metrics. Though some data points will be exclusive to teams, other statistics will be included in television broadcasts and potentially tabulated in leaderboards.

Spanish Football Match Data Is Going Worldwide

LaLiga and Perform Group, a digital sports content and media group, have joined forces with a five-year partnership to create LaLiga Official Data Centre that will be responsible for providing all official LaLiga match data across multiple sectors and channels.

Top 10 Tech Storylines For the 2017 NFL Season

As the New England Patriots hoist their Super Bowl banner and open the 2017 NFL season by hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night, here are the top 10 technology storylines to watch this fall.

Formula 1: Mercedes team turns to big data in quest for victory in Grand Prix

In Formula 1 (F1) racing, a thousandth of a second can make the difference between qualifying or failing to qualify. That can amount to just a six centimetre gap between one car and another over the course of a circuit.

Esports Pros Can Have Their Eye Movements Tracked

This Friday, fans of ELEAGUE will get an inside look at the moves esports players use to excel at their game – literally. The esports brand run by Turner Sports and IMG is incorporating a number of emerging technologies to provide fans, broadcasters and the players themselves deeper insight into the workings of esports.

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