EdjSports Prescriptive Analytics Help NFL Teams Make Smarter Decisions


January 12, 2018

EdjSports Prescriptive Analytics Help NFL Teams Make Smarter Decisions

While baseball is a statistician’s dream with its series of discrete actions across the field, the development of comparable analytics in football is hindered by the complexity of formations and events – what the president of EdjSports has called “a probability atom bomb” – not to mention the scoring of points in varying increments, yet the ultimate goal is binary: win or lose.

SOUL Electronics Debuts AI Earphones At CES Las Vegas

SOUL Electronics is bringing a new type of earphone to market. Debuting at this week’s CES in Las Vegas is the AI earphones with Gait Analysis. Powered by Beflex Biomech Engine, the earphones monitor running form to provide users with live, in-ear coaching.

Smart Swimsuit Seeks To Challenge Apple Watch With $30 Swim Tracker

A new swimsuit is challenging Apple Watch with a stealth sensor built into the lining that will track and log swim workouts, alleviating the need for third-party wrist-worn devices. Swim.com and Spire announced this week a new collaboration in which the Spire Health Tag wearable can be permanently installed onto existing swimsuits on SwimOutlet.com for an additional $30.

Runners’ Back Pain Starts Deep, 3D Models Show

Motion-capture technology has revealed that the source of runners’ back pain lies deeper than expected, according to a new study. Scientists collected data using a motion-capture system and pressure-sensitive plates as participants ran around a track; the researchers then used the findings to 3D-model bones and muscles in a moving human body.

Is there a perfect foot strike pattern in running?

What is the foot strike pattern? If you divide the foot into three geometrically equal parts, you will call these sections rear- mid- and forefoot. Now, imagine to have a device that can tell you which of these three parts was the first to touch the ground at each step.

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