Drivers Using Biometrics to Measure Performance



APRIL 19, 2017

NASCAR NOTES: Drivers using biometrics to measure performance

Although NASCAR doesn’t permit electronic devices inside the car that can measure or record mechanical performance, drivers are allowed to hook themselves up to computers to measure their physical performance. Many drivers now use biometric devices to map heartrate, body temperature, oxygen levels, stress and fatigue.

The Coolest Wearable Tech at This Year’s Boston Marathon

Walking around Copley Square this morning, the telltale signs of the yearly Boston Marathon were all there: The aluminum-insulated blankets, a million cheap sponsored water bottles, college students pretending to not be violently inebriated at ten in the morning, freshly screen-printed t-shirts worn by the families of runners.

For Sounders, every decision starts with data

It’s easy to say now that Nicolas Lodeiro is the real deal. The Uruguayan playmaker has lit up MLS in every measurable way since joining the Seattle Sounders last summer, arriving form Boca Juniors to push the team from ninth place in the Western Conference to MLS Cup champions in less than half a season.

USA Field Hockey’s Technological Advantage At The Pan-Am Games

The USA Field Hockey team is currently participating in the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. Next week, when the competition has ended, they will be hoping to leave Canada with gold medals draped around their necks. This year, the US team is using technology more so than in years past, in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.

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