Deep Learning, Video Analytics Could Automate Future Player Scouting


February 2, 2018

Deep Learning, Video Analytics Could Automate Future Player Scouting

A leading data scientist at artificial intelligence computing company NVIDIA foresees a future of sports scouting and recruiting that is not only more objective but also more remote.

Omega To Debut New Technology That Tracks Sports At 2018 Olympics

It’s widely known how some Olympic sports work, like hockey or figure skating. Other events, though, feature athletic feats that seem impossible to the spectator’s eye. When the Olympics open in Pyeongchang next week, Olympic timekeeper Omega will be there to quantify – and perhaps demystify – those sports, like ski jumping, whose practitioners can appear to be insane.

NFL teams take high-tech approach to tracking every tackle

LOS ANGELES — Training athletes used to be pretty simple. All you really needed was a stopwatch, a whistle and a clipboard. Nowadays, the NFL is blurring the lines between men and machine. Ted Rath is the conditioning coach for the L.A. Rams. “We look at how much mileage you’ve put in the car,” he said.

Tom Brady Wears Far Infrared ‘Recovery’ Glove On Injured Hand

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who played last week with black KT Tape over stitches on his right throwing hand, is wearing a reportedly specially designed Under Armour glove that amplifies far infrared rays that purportedly hasten the body’s ability to heal.

It’s a New Era for Athletes Embracing Veganism. Takeaways From New Film, The Game Changers

It’s a new era for veganism. From Kyrie Irving to former NFL lineman David Carter, more and more athletes are beginning to rely on a plant-based diet for improved performance, whether it’s for a brief stint in the off-season or a full lifestyle transition. The new documentary The Game Changers explores the impact a plant-based diet has on athletic achievements, endurance and overall health and wellness.

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