Cleveland Indians Pitcher Mike Clevinger Embraces Use of Science in Baseball


April 3, 2018

Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger embraces use of science in baseball

CLEVELAND — Mike Clevinger has developed a bond with fellow Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, and it has gone far beyond the diamond, as the young right-hander has taken some cues from the 17-game winner a season ago.

Thermography for Injury Assessment and Monitoring – SimpliFaster

Freelap Friday Five with Javier Arnaiz Lastras Javier Arnaiz Lastras (Madrid, Spain) is currently finishing his PhD on “Monitoring the acute effects of recovery, training and competition on football player´s skin temperature with infrared thermography,” which he will present before 2018.

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Examining Brain Functioning In Athletes With SyncThink’s Scott Anderson

On this episode of the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein, Scott Anderson, Chief Customer Officer at SyncThink explains how his company is studying brain functioning in athletes to improve performance and detect impairment.

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What are the best strength training books? This definitive list holds all the answers. It goes without saying that these books are must-haves for any serious strength coach but many are also essential for athletes or anyone that’s interested in learning about strength or getting stronger.

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