Cleveland Has Taken The Fly-Ball Revolution To The Next Level


August 27, 2018

Cleveland Has Taken The Fly-Ball Revolution To The Next Level

CLEVELAND – Few players have changed their profiles as dramatically as Francisco Lindor. As a minor league prospect, Lindor was not the masher who currently sits atop the Cleveland Indians’ lineup. While he was still the fluid and graceful athlete at shortstop that he is today, he was a completely different player at the plate.

How Heat Therapy Could Boost Your Performance

In February 2014, the Canadian women’s soccer team realized it needed more juice in the gym. So management called in an electrician to redo the wiring in the team’s makeshift workout room in suburban Vancouver, to prevent two rented industrial heaters from blowing the fuses.

How to Build Athletes with GPS and Player Tracking Technology – SimpliFaster

Team sports offer many challenges to designing workouts that satisfy tactical and technical needs while harmonizing with the human body. When the performance staff has the freedom to train properly, player tracking helps meet these challenges. Coach Valle explores metabolic power, mechanical load, the lactate response, and the muscular recruitment theories.

Device Aims to Detect Concussion Symptoms in the Blink of an Eye

A new device made by Blinktbi is hoping to use an athlete’s blink reflex to search for impairments that might indicate brain trauma or a possible concussion. The Blinktbi device administers a 20-second test that assesses neurological impairment by tracking eyelid movement and reflex time in athletes.

SyncThink Adds Dynamic Vision Training to Suite of VR Tools

Neurotechnology company SyncThink is best known for its ability to detect possible concussion symptoms. Now the company has added tools to its virtual reality applications that help both healthy people improve their dynamic vision and impaired individuals rehabilitate. SyncThink’s flagship product, Eye-Sync, can detect impairments that can be indicative of a concussion.

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