Chinese Soccer Signs With STATSports in Quest for World Cup Glory


November 5, 2018

Chinese Soccer Signs With STATSports in Quest for World Cup Glory

STATSports has inked a deal with the Chinese Football Association that could see as many as 50 million Chinese soccer players monitored.

Arsene Wenger on the Future of Soccer Analytics at the Paris 2018 SiS

Wenger joined leaders from the sports tech space earlier this week for the Sports Innovation Society’s Paris 2018 Sport Innovation Summit.

Loading Mechanics: Center of Mass v. Center of Pressure

In this article we look at some principles in the load, most specifically a basic explanation of the relationship between a hitters center of mass and center of pressure.

The Posterior Chain: A Modern Approach and Perspective – SimpliFaster

Strength & conditioning coaches need to refocus on the posterior chain. This training progression plan helps athletes develop these muscles.

Sparta Science

Sparta Science reduces injuries and optimizes performance with validated scientific assessments and evidence based prescriptions. Sparta’s software is used worldwide by the military, sports organizations across all levels, and the medical community to quickly predict, diagnose, and prescribe personalized plans that reduce any physical limitations to improve an individual’s availability.

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