Chicago Bulls Use Rise Science Sleep Program To Improve Recovery




October 30, 2017

Chicago Bulls Use Rise Science Sleep Program To Improve Recovery

Ensuring proper rest for its marquee players has been one of the most pervasive issues affecting the NBA the last several seasons, prompting a lengthening of the schedule and a reduction in games on back-to-back nights and the elimination of stretches with four games in five nights.

The athlete monitoring cycle: a practical guide to interpreting and applying training monitoring data

Given the relationships among athlete workloads, injury1 and performance,2 athlete monitoring has become critical in the high-performance sporting environment. Sports medicine and science staff have a suite of monitoring tools available to track how much ‘work’ an athlete has performed, the response to that ‘work’ and whether the athlete is in a relative state of fitness or fatigue.

Volt Athletics To Deliver Gatorade Sports Science Institute Education

Volt Athletics has partnered with Gatorade to deliver sports nutrition resources and recovery education to coaches and athletes, with the content integrated into the strength and conditioning platform that is personalized to athletes. Volt’s Nutrition section will be backed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, an organization dedicated to helping athletes optimize their health and performance through research and education in hydration, nutrition science and recovery.

Core Development through the Use of Sled Training

Using the sled closely mimics real-time sports performance movements and activities because of the horizontal resistance opposing the vertical movements typically seen in a weight room setting. This article highlights a variety of sled training exercises designed to target the core musculature.

First American High-School to Install Catapult Technology – Sports Wearable

FiWhen Catapult developed the GPS tracking system for teams for the Australian Olympics for over ten years ago, it never knew it would be serving and collaborating any other group of people than elite teams which wanted scientifically proven methods that would be similar to metrics in a laboratory setting.

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