Champion Houston Astros Used New Shoulder Test To Monitor Fatigue



November 15, 2017

Champion Houston Astros Used New Shoulder Test To Monitor Fatigue

A strength assessment for the shoulder rooted in judo, devised by a former cricket player, tested in rugby and administered by a tool repurposed for soccer’s Premier League has been adapted for baseball and used this past season by the World Series champion Houston Astros.

IMeasureU’s IMU Step Wearable Takes Guesswork Out Of Lower-Limb Injuries

IMeasureU, a wearable tech company focused on limb fatigue identification, is introducing a new product. Tuesday marked the official release of IMU Step, a motion-sensing wearable designed for professional and collegiate athletes. Already in use by the NBA/G-League, Pac-12 schools and Harvard, IMU Step measures “bone load,” or the amount of stress placed on athletes’ limbs during activity.

Callaway aims to reduce Mets’ injuries with analytics, research

Whatever other qualities Mickey Callaway brings as the new manager of the Mets, let’s be honest about it: He was hired to rejuvenate a starting rotation whose 2015 brilliance has been buried under a heap of injuries and ineffectiveness the last couple of seasons.

Guest Post: Precision Hydration’s Andy Blow, “Why do athletes suffer from cramp?” – Sparta Science – Trust in Results™

This week’s guest post was written by Sports Scientist and Precision Hydration Founder Andy Blow. Sparta first crossed paths with Andy a few years back when we found out that his company was working with a number of the same organizations in pro sports as we were.

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